The ZO2 Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe will be released in Sept. 2017 and the preservation price is $495. It might as well be $500. 

That’s outrageous!

Not only the price, but the thought process and the man behind the plan, his dad, the infamous LaVar Ball. The fact that the greatest player in NBA history Michael Jordan and his brand sells the most shoes for an average of $150. The Jordan brand, along with NIKE, and ADDIDAS make prices affordable for the average customer. Those are established brands that been in the game for dozens of years. Nike recently declined the opportunity to co-brand with Big Ballers’ Brand(BBB). 

Note that Lonzo hasn’t even been drafted yet, but his dad has the upmost confidence in his childrens’ abilities. So much confidence that he said that, “my boy is better than Stephen Curry”. That’s not all. “If the Lakers draft Lonzo, he’ll have the same impact that Magic Johnson had”. 

The madness has to stop!

The pressure that LaVar is placing on his son is by far the most in pro sports history. Lonzo must play great right away. He must perform at levels that LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Michael Jordan played at as rookies. Lonzo averaged a triple double in high school and led UCLA to the tournament before coming up short against Kentucky, and being out-played by D’Aaron Fox, another top 10 prospect. IF, and ONLY IF Lonzo does exceed expections, LaVar would have hit the jackpot. Even though he rubbed many people the wrong way by saying, “if you can’t afford the shoes, you’re not a big baller”, there will be some people who will be idiotic enough to buy the shoes.

LaVar indeed has made himself a household name, appearing on major talk shows spitting the confidence.