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Which NBA Point Guard Has The Most Pressure Heading Into The Playoffs?

Boston Celtics’ star point guard is currently top 3 in scoring and has his team number 2 in the east, with a chance to eclipse the Cavaliers for the number 1 seed. But is that enough?

The Boston Celtics have made the playoffs each of the past 2 seasons, all ending in first round exits. The honeymoon period is over. With great defenders and young talent like Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Al Horford, and Marcus Smart, there’s no reason as to why the Celtics can’t make a serious championship push.

This is John Wall’s 7th season in the NBA and has only has 2 first round series wins to his resume. The Wizards failed to reach the playoffs in 2016 and now the jury is out on whether him and Bradley Beal are the formula in Washington to win. He said “the only point guards better than me are Curry and Westbrook”. Currently the Wizards are on pace for a playoff berth, but how deep of a run?

This will be Russell Westbrook’s first post-Durant playoff run as the clear cut number 1 option. Westbrook is averaging a triple double and will most likely finish with his 2nd career scoring title.

Will averaging a triple double be enough to off set him advancing in the post season?

It’s a season for the ages. He will become to 2nd player in NBA history to averaging a triple double for a entire season. Most people expect for the Thunder to have an early playoff exit, but its hard to imagine one of the ruthless conpetitors in NBA to go down easily.

Stephen Curry has a championship, probably would’ve been 2 if Draymond Green hadn’t gotten suspended, 2 league MVP awards, and was the best player on a championship team, until Kevin Durant arrived. If the Warriors are short handed in the playoffs the radar will be sharp in Curry to lead his team and be the clear cut best floor on the floor every game, which is not a easy task.

Chris Paul has been in the league since 2005 and has yet to berth a 2nd rouns appearance. He’s not getting any younger and the Clippers’ door as a championship team is closing. CP3 will become a free agent after this season and with the Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan experiment not being very successful, its a question to ask on whether him and Blake both will remain on the roster.

  • Its the golden age for point guards.

Jimmer Fredette Eyeing NBA Return

The former BYU sensation Jimmer Fredette was named the International MVP of the Chinese Basketball Association. Fredette is averaging 37.4 points, 8.0 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.7 steals for the Sharks, shooting 47.7 percent and 40.4 percent from 3-point range.

Fredette is eyeing an NBA return and is reportedly drawing interest from some teams.

Fredette, who was drafted 10th overall in the 2011 NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks and immediately traded to the Sacramento Kings, averaged just 6.0 points and 1.4 assists per game in his five-year career, which also included a brief stint with the Chicago Bulls.

He also shot 38.1 percent from beyond the arc, and his ability to shoot was never in question. Fredette didn’t bring many other NBA skills to the table, however, as his lack of athleticism and poor defense were major liabilities.

Teams looking for a sharpshooter off the bench may be able to carve out a role for Fredette. Still, it’s unlikely that one season in China helped Fredette address the weaknesses that shoehorned him into limited roles on NBA teams before he sought an opportunity overseas in the first place.

Maybe the Houston Rockets, Warriors, Cavs, Clippers or one of those other playoff teams looking for a guy to come of the bench and get buckets may want it. After all, it is an offensive league now.

The Life of a College Journalist

Journalism is a lifestyle, not a job. Everyday you prepare for news. If you’re not updated with popular news then you are left behind like a dust in the air. Everything from public relation skills, communicating, expecting arrogance from professional athletes and public figures, it’s all an everyday lifestyle.

This field requires every person to have thick skin.

Being in college, especially if you’re motivated and hungry to excel at your craft, this field can be a headache, but it’s promising. Probably the most competitive field out there. The closest lifestyle to being a professional athlete or public figure there is. Deadlines are a priority. If you miss a deadline whether for a sports gig, newspaper article, or any story idea, then there is somebody else out there that is that much closer to eclipsing you as a talent. No babies or little boys in the field. It’s a grown man and grown woman field. Only the strong survive. You must have thick skin.

If you are true to your craft then you’ll enjoy every bit of your curriculum. It may not be easy work, but you will soak everything you learn, grind, and look forward to class discussions and hands on activity.

*If you are a lazy person, then this lifestyle is not for you.

*You must study the established and pros in your field. People who are successful and cam from the same shoes as you.

*Live your college life like you’re already in the career. Be everywhere, know what’s going on.

*Get as many highlight reels, hands on opportunities, and develop a well-rounded skill-set.

*CONNECT, NETWORK, MEET AS MANY PEOPLE in your field EVERYWHERE. More times than not it’s about who you know.

*Be social media engaged.

*Portfolio is everything. The employers want to see what you can do instantly.

The opportunities are very competitive and scarce, so this field requires the best of the best. Or in some cases getting your feet into the door. The last thing you want is for somebody who is not qualified or somebody you’re better than to get an opportunity over you because you didn’t meet the right people.



Dr. Almeida knows what he’s talking about

Life is a journey that we must enjoy. It is pointless for anyone to truly plan what their next step is. The former, my friends, is really up to God, not you or me. I live my life to the fullest under the label “Carpe Diem,” which in Latin means seize the day. I love to […]

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Reggie Jackson May Be On One Way Ticket Elsewhere

It is time for the Pistons to trade their starting point guard Reggie Jackson and allow the backup floor general Ish Smith to run the offense.

The Pistons started the season without Jackson due to a knee injury. During that time the Pistons were a top 5 defensive team and had an overall record of 11-10. They are currently 25-28 and the number 8th seed in the Eastern Conference with Jackson returning as the head man.

Jackson is more of the prototypical “modern-day point guard”. He’s  6’3 208lbs, averaging 16 points, 2 rebounds and 6 assists per game, with a score first mentality . Ish Smith is a tradional pass first point guard who thrives in getting the entire team involved and pushing the tempo. He’s only listed at 6’0 but regardless of his size, he’s the better defender.

The players have expressed more happiness with Ish on the floor rather than Reggie. Reggie is a solid player, but he tends to have the tunnel vision and head-strong mentality and shot selection that his former teammate Russell Westbrook plays with every game. Ish is a below average offensive player, but with him on the floor players like Marcus Morris, Jon Leuer and Tobias Harris played some of the best basketball of their careers.

NBA Analyst and former hall of fame player Charles Barkley stated on TNT after a Detroit loss to Boston that “the problem with Detroit is that they have players there who thinks they’re better than what they really are.”


Head Coach Stan Van Gundy signed Reggie Jackson two seasons ago to a 5-year 80 million dollar contract. The Pistons reached the playoffs and were expected to make that leap into conference contention this season. It has easily been the exact opposite and it all starts with the primary decision maker.

Starting shooting guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is in his contract year. He’s averaging 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists, and he’s only 23 years old. Sources have confirmed that he will be demanding 20 million dollars this upcoming offseason. With the core being young the Pistons have major decisions to make about the future.

Tom Brady is the Greatest QB of All-Time

Tom Brady improves to 5-2 in SuperBowl games as the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime in Houston.

It was the first overtime game in a SuperBowl game in NFL history. It was one of the most dramatical games you will ever watch. The Falcons scored the first two touchdowns and led 28-3 going into the 3rd quarter.

A Matt Ryan’ led Falcons team seemed as if they have arrived and were on their way to a championship. The team seemed too young, too athletic and too explosive for the veteran Patriots from the first hike. Patriots’ running back LeGarrette Blount was benched after the 1st quarter because he could not find any offense.

The Falcons’ defense and offense was burned out during the entire 2nd half.

Tom Brady threw for 466 yards, 62 pass attempts and scored 2 touchdowns for the entire game. The Falcons did not score during the second half.

If Tom Brady were to retire today his legacy would be set and stoned as being the greatest quarterback of all-time. He accomplished what players like Payton Manning, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre, and the other all-time greats could not. 5 championships with 1 team.