JSU Baseball Wins Season Series vs Alcorn 3-1

To extend the winning streak to two games in a row, the Jackson State University baseball team defeated rival Alcorn 11-6 at the Bob Braddy Field. This victory also ends the season series as Jackson State wins it 2-1.

The most successful sports team at JSU while under the direction of head coach Omar Johnson since 2007, the tigers have ranked number one on six separate seasons and number two four times, making the playoffs twice. Their highest win percentage came in 2012 as they went 34-17.

This season has been a rollercoaster thus far. After opening the season with a victory 10-5 against Morehead State, the tigers would go on to lose three straight, win three straight, and then win four out their next five games. Their record is currently at 13-9.

Their next two games will be home games against Le Moyne Owen and Tougaloo, and after that they will travel to Fort Meyers, FL. as they will battle against Florida Gulf Coast three straight days. The tigers won’t return home until Wed, Apr 7.

The roster features seven freshmen, three sophomores 12 juniors, and 10 seniors. A roster that is 36 deep, filled with length and size at every position.

Cornelius Copeland, the star senior out of St. Petersburg, FL is fresh off a career year in 2016. He was one of the best hitters in the nation. During the 2015-2016 season he ranked 42nd in slugging percentage, 3rd in the nation in batting average, 9th in runs per game, 2nd in hit by pitch per game, 21st in runs, 1st in hit by pitch, 3rd in on base percentage, and 56th in hits per game.

Bryce Brown, a junior out of Walker, LA entered his 3rd season as a member of the baseball team. During the 2015-2016 season he ranked 50th in runs per game, 32nd in hit by pitch per game, 24th in hit by pitch, 22nd in on base percentage, and 20th in hit by pitch per game.

Another star player Jesus Santana, a junior out of Caguas, Puerto Rico ranked 28th in home runs per game, 24th in runs batted in per game, 18th in home runs, 30thth in runs, and 13th in runs batted in.

Paris Cooper, the teams’ equipment manager commented on the victory against Alcorn. She said, “we earned it”. Darian Kinsey, a graduating senior at JSU and long time supporter of the team said, “the baseball team has always been very good, they’re the best sports team on campus”. Markus Green, a senior at JSU said, “we’ll continue to support the team, they’ll figure it out”.

Both Major and Minor Baseball League scouts are at almost every game, so therefore this long grinded out season and the few tigers making top rankings in the nation aren’t all worthless. The tigers are gaining more exposure.

The team is locked and loaded at every position and will look to make ground as 16 more games will be on the road and 11 at home.


Author: armanitfryer

Armani T. Fryer is the brand. A collegiate multimedia journalist emphasizing is sports reporting and analyst. Jackson State University

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