Trust The Process


As I continue on my college journey towards becoming one of the top young media personalities and journalists in the country the road never stops.

Do I want to only be elite in college or do I want to continue to break barriers? Of course I want to break barriers.

I’m strategizing to find different ways to promote my content and to network with as many professionals in the journalism world, mainly ESPN as I can. It all starts with the content. Can I do the work? Can I be appealing to a mass number of audiences? Can I keep people tuned into my messages?

Some of the very talented individuals never exceed their limitations because they never networked. The phrase “it’s about who you know, not what you know” is very true and undefeated.

It’s time to start traveling with faith that I’ll reach my destinations in piece and that when crunch time arrives God will cover me and allow me to grind. It is time for me to branch outside of the region I am in and start taking risks of meeting people across the country. Every great and successful individual has taken risks.

I don’t have many resources nor do I have family in any major market economy, but at a point very soon I hope to be relocated myself to a top 5 market in the country. It’ll be very tough. Probably the most difficult time period of my life, but it’s worth the gamble because I am serious about success.

My journey to ESPN and my own major platform won’t be over until I can relax and reflect on a long career, view my family’s comfortbility, and sleep in peace knowing that I revolutionized an entire industry.


Author: armanitfryer

Armani T. Fryer is the brand. A collegiate multimedia journalist emphasizing is sports reporting and analyst. Jackson State University

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