The Life of a College Journalist

Journalism is a lifestyle, not a job. Everyday you prepare for news. If you’re not updated with popular news then you are left behind like a dust in the air. Everything from public relation skills, communicating, expecting arrogance from professional athletes and public figures, it’s all an everyday lifestyle.

This field requires every person to have thick skin.

Being in college, especially if you’re motivated and hungry to excel at your craft, this field can be a headache, but it’s promising. Probably the most competitive field out there. The closest lifestyle to being a professional athlete or public figure there is. Deadlines are a priority. If you miss a deadline whether for a sports gig, newspaper article, or any story idea, then there is somebody else out there that is that much closer to eclipsing you as a talent. No babies or little boys in the field. It’s a grown man and grown woman field. Only the strong survive. You must have thick skin.

If you are true to your craft then you’ll enjoy every bit of your curriculum. It may not be easy work, but you will soak everything you learn, grind, and look forward to class discussions and hands on activity.

*If you are a lazy person, then this lifestyle is not for you.

*You must study the established and pros in your field. People who are successful and cam from the same shoes as you.

*Live your college life like you’re already in the career. Be everywhere, know what’s going on.

*Get as many highlight reels, hands on opportunities, and develop a well-rounded skill-set.

*CONNECT, NETWORK, MEET AS MANY PEOPLE in your field EVERYWHERE. More times than not it’s about who you know.

*Be social media engaged.

*Portfolio is everything. The employers want to see what you can do instantly.

The opportunities are very competitive and scarce, so this field requires the best of the best. Or in some cases getting your feet into the door. The last thing you want is for somebody who is not qualified or somebody you’re better than to get an opportunity over you because you didn’t meet the right people.




Author: armanitfryer

Armani T. Fryer is the brand. A collegiate multimedia journalist emphasizing is sports reporting and analyst. Jackson State University

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